It all started when...

For as long as I can remember I have been physically active. My sports career started at the age of 6 when my mom drove me to ice hockey practice in our old, mustard-yellow Opel Record. As I grew older, I tried out and practiced many different sports; Thai boxing and soccer among others.

But by the time I turned 20, in an instant, my whole world fell apart.

I injured my back after a training camp. I was on my way to board the plane back to Sweden when I made an unfortunate move and something happened to my back. I immediately knew that "this is not good". Filled with painkillers, I was able to hop on the long flight home.

I had previously noticed a discomfort in my back, actually for several years. Today, I understand that I had developed a physical imbalance in my body that I just had ignored.

The injury was pretty bad. I could no longer manage much myself. I needed my mom's help to do the simplest tasks like putting on my socks..

I found myself faced with two life changing options. Either, I had to undertake back spine fusion surgery, which meant I would depend on painkillers for the rest of my life, not being able to do sports like  before or choose the profession I preferred. Or, I could start building a strong and functional body that hopefully could strengthen my back and keep me off pills and away from lifelong pain.
I chose to explore the second option. My journey started, towards understanding what makes it possible for individuals to live strong, healthy, pain-free and happy lives. 


My mission

I believe that everyone deserves to live a strong, healthy and happy life full of energy. I'm passionate about helping people discover their personal trigger points that will motivate them to grow, improve and reach their goals.

Everyone deserves to live a strong, healthy, pain-free and happy life.
— Tommy Ludvigsson


My wanderlust in life has taught me many things about health and well-being, and how it all connects. I have boiled down my knowledge and experiences into a life guide, a principle I live by and teach to my clients. I sum it up in four words: MOVE-EAT-LIVE-TREAT.

Because to live a strong, healthy and happy life full of energy, you must consider all aspects that affects how you feel and function; how you MOVE, what you EAT, how you LIVE your life, and how you TREAT your body. I know from experience that this holistic approach to health gives the lifelong results everyone strives for. Because all of this constitutes what is.. YOU.

This website is all about inspiring you to explore health in a fun, safe and vital way. Feel free to leave a comment, suggest blog topics, or ask a question. And don't forget to follow me in social channels for news and updates.