I’m the new Mountain Athletic Coach


From now on I will coach outdoor lovers with sport-specific training needs to improve their skills and reach new outdoor goals. Join me every Wednesday in Stockholm City!

Mountain Athletics is The North Face’s approach to training, designed to help athletes of all levels enjoy longer days and more fun outdoors. Mountain Athletics brings goal-based workout for ”Progressive Explorers” to enable them to achieve their goals.

When you arrive at our Mountain Athletics workout center, I will ask questions about your outdoor goal to make sure your training of the day focuses on the type of strength and cardio you need for you sport.



Sport-specific and goal-oriented mean that we understand that climbers, runners, skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers have entirely different cross-training needs to promote strength, endurance and injury prevention. If you’re a climber, you can expect upper body and core work. If you’re a runner or a skier, expect lower body strength exercises and endurance work. 

Building not only your raw strength, core and cardiovascular system, the workout also focuses on building the mental strength that will be challenged turn after turn on steep terrain. 


The Mountain Athletics Training Program is designed by expert trainers who work with professional athletes and is customized for the needs of those individual sports. In addition to expertly designed sport-specific workouts, you will have an enthusiastic, driven and supportive community to encourage you along the way.    

I truly feel that "TNF” team breaths adventure! I'm very excited for this new challenge and the confidence they have given me. 


We meet up at 17.45 every Wednesday at The North Face Store on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. The training session is FREE for anyone with an outdoor goal in mind. Don't miss it - see you there!

We believe in the joy of out-doing ordinary; Of heeding the call to run, climb, explore; Of a life that pushes past the familiar. Because as we reach each new peak, we see what else is possible. We inspire people to live a life of exploration.

— The North Face



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