- Start-up consultation and goal setting
- Exercise Programs
- Nutrition and supplement protocols
- Evaluation

About Consultation & Program

I understand that combining your training within your working lifestyle can sometimes come with its limitations. My aim is to make your daily programs and coaching accessible wherever you are globally. I offer the ultimate flexibility for clients who require coaching. Consultations can be held in the comfort of your own home, via Skype, email and telephone.

This will give you a step-by-step program to work with on a daily basis by yourself. This package is for you if you require flexibility in your training.We remain contactable at all times. On completing the program we will analyse your progress.

Start-Up Consultation

I provide a comprehensive analysis of your personal health history, lifestyle and work environment, how you MOVE, EAT, LIVE and TREAT your body. With these results, I will create a holistic plan so that you can achieve your health goals in a safe and effective way.

Exercise Program

I will design a custom-made program to guide you through your recommended fitness exercises. I carefully select fitness techniques to suit your body's strength and agility.

Individual Nutrition Plan

With a nutrition analysis and a detailed food survey, I will create a functional nutrition program that is optimal for your body’s needs.


To evaluate your efforts and to analyse your results, I will set a deadline for a re-test of the tests in the initial Start-Up Consultation.