All my nutritional recommendations are tailor-made just for you, taking into account your individual background, goals and needs. In my nutritional programs, I will guide you towards understanding why you need different nutrients, when, how much and how often.



Type of foods - what you eat

Food is medicine - getting your nutrition right is one of the important cornerstones towards reaching your lifelong health goals. Learn how to select the right type of foods, and to understand what source of nutrients you need to eat and why you need them.

Nutrition - how you eat

Learn the principals of nutrient uptake, habits and behaviors. And understand the importance of chewing, digestion, absorption, transportation and excretion.

Timing - when you eat

Timing when you eat certain foods and supplements leads to better nutrient absorption and better results.

Hydration - fluids

Water is crucial to all living things. Up to 60% of the human body consists of water. Proper hydration is important for organ function and nutrient transportation. Your body works optimally if you drink sufficient amounts of water every day.


If you have any questions concerning my nutritional programs, send me a note.