- 10 training/coaching sessions
- Start-up consultation and goal setting
- Movement analysis
- Exercise programs
- Nutrition and supplement protocols
- 2 tests, Biosignature Modulations
- Email support

About Coaching & Program

This program includes 10 personal training sessions and a more “hands-on” approach than the Consultation & Program option. You will receive a step-by-step custom-made nutrition and training program designed especially for you based on The MOVE-EAT-LIVE-TREAT-principle, for you to work with on a daily basis. During our one-on-one training sessions, I will guide you through each exercise and routine, and give instructions so that you can repeat them by yourself until next time we meet. 

This package is for you who require more motivation, guidance and structure in your training, but can manage the hard work partly by yourself.

Start-Up Consultation

I provide a comprehensive analysis of your personal health history, lifestyle and work environment, how you Move, Eat, Live and Treat your body. This initial analysis is followed up by a series of health tests. The test results will helps us to create a holistic plan to achieve your health goals in a safe and effective way.

Functional Agility Test

I will test your dynamic and static position, both active and passive, to help improve your posture and movements. The test results give information about your bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses and how to optimise your efforts to maximise your performance. I will also instruct you what you need to do to prevent physical injuries while exercising.

Biosignature Modulation

This is a health survey that gives a good indication about your body composition and hormone levels. I carry out 12 skin fold measurements, which will tell us where your stack fats lie. With this information I can recommend how to maximize the way your body burns fat and increase your energy.

Individual Nutrition Plan

With a nutrition analysis and a detailed food survey, I will design a functional nutrition program that fits your body’s needs.

Personal Coaching and Fitness Plans

I will create a custom made program to guide you through your recommended fitness exercises. I carefully select fitness techniques to suit your body strength and agility.


To evaluate your efforts and to analyse your results, we will set a deadline for a re-test of the tests in the initial Start-Up Consultation. You will also receive continual coaching in association during your program.