I offer three different coaching options: A complete lifecoach program where I will be with you all the way; or coaching sessions and health checks with programs; or a do-most-of-it-on-you-own-offer with consultation and programs.

I carefully select training techniques to help you find a routine that is both effective and enjoyable. All programs, from training and nutrition to lifestyle and other recommendations, are based on your individual needs and goals.


Lifecoach program

I know that the best way to support your health goals is to help you stay motivated and focused. This program is for you who are willing to make a whole-hearted change. I'm with you full time. 

Limited spots available.

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Coaching & program

This program includes 10 personal training/coaching sessions. The Consultation & Program option is for you who require structure, guidance and motivation in your training, but can manage it partly by yourself.

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consultation & program

This option is for you who have a clear vision of your health goals and can manage training on your own, but require a detailed analysis of your starting position and the right programs to succeed.

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Let’s make you better
— Tommy Ludvigsson