My mission is to find what you need to perform better.


Improving worldclass

I’m a Scandinavian certified health & exercise professional.
I coach worldclass performers such as athletes, business entrepreneurs
and other driven, goal-orientated individuals. 


An holistic approach.

I take an holistic approach to health: To live a strong, healthy and happy life full of energy, you must consider all aspects that affect how you feel and function; how you MOVE, what you EAT, how you LIVE your life, and how you TREAT your body. 

Move-Eat-Live-Treat - that’s the Ludvigsson Principle©.



I analyze your needs and structure your exercise program with clear focus on injury prevention and performance, all based on your training age. Movement is life and should always be fun, safe and effective.


Food is medicine. It is an inevitable element of becoming the best version of You. I design your nutritional protocols and give recommendations based on your individual background, goals and needs.


Your mind is your greatest asset and needs to be coached as such. Together we design your goal map towards your vision. I'm your guidance, support and motivation on the journey to your success.


Your background, genes and lifestyle are unique and should be treated that way. One thing affects the other, priority is always to maintain energy levels manage stressors and optimize recovery. Together we assess the whole picture to ensure a smooth journey towards outstanding results. 


"Tommy got me back on my feet before my world tour."

Tiësto - Dutch DJ and record producer.
Voted "The Greatest DJ of All Time" by the fans.


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