Health is art

I’m a Scandinavian, certified health & exercise professional. I coach world-class performers like athletes, business entrepreneurs and other driven, goal-orientated individuals. 

I believe that everyone deserves to live a strong, healthy and happy life full of energy. I'm passionate about helping people discover their personal trigger points that will motivate them to grow, improve and reach their goals.

I work globally with my clients, and take every opportunity to travel the world to get inspiration from other top performers, coaches and trainers.


the ioptio®-principle

My wanderlust in life has taught me many things about health and well-being, and how it all connects. I have boiled down my knowledge and experiences into a life guide that I call The ioptio®-principle. 

I take on an holistic approach to health: To live a strong, healthy and happy life full of energy, you must consider all aspects that affects how you feel and function; how you MOVE, what you EAT, how you LIVE your life, and how you TREAT your body. 

Move-Eat-Live-Treat - that’s the core of ioptio®.

This blog is all about inspiring you to explore health in a fun, safe and vital way. Feel free to leave a comment, suggest a topic, or ask a question. And don't forget to follow me in social channels.


/Tommy Ludvigsson